Welcome to my Let’s Be Honest Review page. A freelance writer and I work from home have done this for more than two years now. I have a VERY honest personality and LOVE to meet new people and smile. I am married to an amazing man John. We have been together ever since I can remember. We live in Cape Town the sunniest city in South Africa. I love the internet and all the magnificent things that it has to offer. I love searching and finding great things to do and deals that I would love to try. I enjoy reviewing products and telling you about them, whether I have used them or not.

I am glad that you have joined me, and know who I am as the Let’s Be Honest Review is all about you!

Let’s Be Honest Reviews is all about products that most people do not like to share the good as well as the bad. Here you will find everything and anything under the sky.

Honesty is my motto when it comes to writing reviews and that is not only selling them but also making sure that you know:

sunwhat you are buying,

sunwhat others liked about the product, and

sunwhat is not to like about a product.

Occasionally I will provide you with some interesting tips about the products reviewed or offer you some helpful information just for fun!

That’s all, for now, folks and keep watching the space there will be more!